April Fools Day 2009: 5 simple And Funny Pranks To pluck The Office

how to write a travel blog Twin Rivers in Oviedo is offering a similar deal – $22 per person after 3 p.m. Also, Thursday night is “Burger & A Brew” night. From 6 – 8 p.m. you can choose from a menu of burgers that are only served on Thursday nights, and you’ll get a beer for a buck.

Well, if the teen sensation really wanted to pull the wool over his fans’ eyes, he could have tweeted that he’s dating someone (preferably a celebrity), or he could have made it appear as though he shaved off his beautiful helmet hair (then Funny or Die could have come up with an prank blogs that has less Bieber and more Galifianakis). But, of course, there’s still plenty of time left for a few more epic blogs to read in 2010.

With no winner being named Trump told both Rivers and Black to choose two team members to bring back to the boardroom. Rivers stated that she didn’t want to throw any team members under the bus because it was her responsibility as the leader. However, Tionne Watkins volunteered to come back and Roderick was chosen as well.

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You know what I forgot all about April fools, not often it gets by me LOL. Glad to see your not going anywhere, cause you sure would have been deeply missed. Glad your gonna still be around, and now that I know your not going anywhere, yeah I fell for it too. Hook, Line and Sinker LOL.

Okay, you want to really be a stinker? Then forward on one of these videos to all your friends and shock the foolishness out of them. I’m not going to explain them to you, you’ll just have to view them yourself to get the full impact!

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